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Begins with Data...

Managed Data Lake
Data Ingestion and Consumption
Datawarehouse to NoSQL Migration and Expansion

Expanding to BigData Eco System Data Lake and Sandboxes

BigData adoption requires big investments in terms of infrastructure, skills and quality of support for accomplishing the business goals with better ROI. A properly planned BigData adoption or expansion alone can reward near term success and also helps to achieve the long term vision without obstacles. We help businesses to plan the adoption, define the road-map and also architect the solution for successful implementation.

  • BigData Architecture Proposal, Review and Recommendations and Solution Engineering

  • Data and Workload Migration from Existing Data warehouse

  • Scalable and Reliable Data Collection & Ingestion Architecture

Cloud Migration
Cloud and On-premises Hybrid
Optimized Data Storage and Processing

BigData Deployments Cloud and On-premises

Smart businesses can take advantage of the elastic nature of public IaaS services and migrate their BigData and Data warehouse eco-system fully or partially to the cloud. We help businesses to move their data and workload to the cloud from existing Data warehouse or from existing BigData on-premises deployments.

  • Cloud Migration Strategy, Road map and Architecture

  • Data movement architecture, Data availability and Information architecture for cloud and on-premises hybrid deployments

  • Cost effective data storage and data processing architecture for cloud and on-premises deployments

Data Governance
Master Data Management
Regulatory Compliance

Data Governance and Regulatory Compliance Master Data, Data Quality and Lineage

Before you lose something precious, govern your data. A robust data governance program results in businesses saving more money, protecting itself from inaccurate reporting or false analytics. We can define the data governance processes and manage the implementation of the same with the help of industry's best tools and best practices.

  • Data Governance Processes definition & implementation and Governance Dashboards

  • Master Data Process definition and implementation

  • Regulatory Compliance requirements mapping to Governance Processes and compliance Reports

Real Time Data Processing
Data Pipeline and Data Enrichment
Big Data Applications

Data Processing and Applications Data Movement, Data Quality and BigData Based Applications

Business critical information can be synthesized in real time or in batch process mode after collecting the data for actionable intelligence. We can provide the best BigData engineering and architectural expertise which can help your data to be readily accessible, solve your business problems and identify opportunities faster.

  • Real Time Processing of data from disparate sources including IoT

  • Architecture and Solution Implementation for Data pipeline from ingestion to consumption including enrichment

  • Highly Scaled Applications on top of NoSQL Stores

About us

We provide strategic guidance and technical solutions for enterprises in the challenging area of BigData, Data Lake, Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing implementations. Our team includes experienced big data architects, data designers, data programmers, data scientists and trainers.

Enterprise Ready

Data is money and this century is evolving towards data economy and this is the future of the data. We provide business and technical strategies and guidance to the enterprise from start to the point of profit with highly skilled and experienced professional augmented by committed support teams


Innovation is our driving force and we as passionate about solving the complex challenges with unique approach and solutions. We aren't afraid to fail fast so that we can learn fast and leap towards unique and better solutions.

Approach and Focus

We believe in Open Source and Open Approach for solving business critical solutions. We avoid needless vendor locking and proprietary technologies and consider them hindrance for long term success and sustainability. We are totally committed and dedicated to solve one problem at a time with the best possible technology and techniques that is also ready for the future


We strive for efficient, uncompromising and exceptional service for our customers. We are excited about building strong relationships with our customers, our technology community and our employees.

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